Changing of a national driving license

Once you’ve declared your permanent residence in Germany, you are allowed to use the driving license of your home country for 6 months.
After this period you have to change your valid (non EU) driving license into a German driving license.
Some driving licenses can only be changed by taking the practical as well as the theoretical examination, others don´t need to take any exam at all. Please inform yourself at:
Führerscheinstelle at “Rathaus” in Würzburg.

In order to change your national driving license you have to provide the following:

  •  passport
  •  your actual valid national driving license
  •  translation of the national driving license
  • 1 biometric passport picture
  •  eye test (by an optician or eye specialist)
  •  first aid course certificate
  •  driving school registration certificate

The application form for the German driving license can be made at the driving license agency of your administrative body “Rathaus” (You live in the City) or “Landratsamt” (when you live outside).


For optimal preparation for the theoretical test we offer specific teaching material in 12 different languages: German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish.
The questionnaires are based on the effective theoretical ones.

Practical driving classes
Depending on your driving skills, we´ll fix a certain amount of driving lessons with you. One driving class takes 45 minutes.



a new driver’s license

Your training contains two parts: a theoretical and a practical part.
You are visiting 14 classes of theory and preparing yourself for the test with our online teaching Software (includes a synchronizing app for i-phone/i-pad and Android for free) and fixing the paperwork at the administrative body “Rathaus” or “Landratsamt” you are ready to pass theoretical examination.
Simultaneously you can start your practical classes. You´ll need a few classes to operate and handle the car, driving difficult corners and do the parking for example.
Additional 12 special driving classes are required by the German law
(5 outside the city, 4 on the Autobahn/highway and 3 classes by night)
After this – lets go for practical exam.
I have over 20 years of practical training experience at your disposal.


Get your driving license in Würzburg now!